“Spirit of an entrepreneur is being shown on SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS inflight entertainment programming for the month of July, to coincide with world cup finals. I think this is a great endorsement of the business opportunities that are present in the South African economy, and the fact that it will be shown to domestic and foreign travellers and business people, who have visited and discovered South Africa possibly for the first time during the world cup, means that we are part of the exciting change in this new frontier.” Candice Vetter

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Dadcore is inspired by the wardrobe of the man who gave up on fashion when he became a father. Ostensibly its a wardrobe full of practical, comfortable, yet sadly dated clothes, but the concepts behind it and how it has arisen are interesting. Unlike most fashion trends - which are inspired by moncler outlet uk film, musicians or workwear - the idea of dadcore came from comedy one-liners and sketches that developed into internet jokes and memes before being seen on the catwalks. It began at the turn of the noughties with a reference in the 2000 film adaptation of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity. Jack Black's character Barry calls out John Cusack's Rob for wearing "the pandora outlet worst fucking sweater I've ever seen. That's a Cosby sweater. A COSBY SWEATER." The line screeches out of Black's mouth with exaggerated disgust over a maroon, beige and brown striped jumper. Of course, 16 years later, with sexual assault charges against him, that's a whole different sort of insult, but back then Bill Cosby's name cheap mcm backpack was synonymous with America's favourite dad. If there is a text that sets up the caricature behind dadcore more perfectly, it's hard to think of one. Hornby's novel-turned-film was a bearded Bon Iver-esque hymn replica louis vuitton to lost youth and a calcifying life crisis. Wearing a jazzy sweater at that point - thanks to Noel Edmonds, Carlton from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and Gyles Brandreth - marks you out as a man who doesn't care if he looks like a fuddy-duddy.