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Fashion is easiest to talk about when it's fun. Bags that will be used in the evening or on weekends can be small, highly detailed, brightly colored-anything you want them to be! Most of us, though, spend a lot of times hauling around a bag that has to be large, functional and neutral, because that's cheap oakley sunglasses what our professional lives require. Bags that match that description can be had at almost any price point, but in my mind, the sweet spot for most people interested in designer accessories is probably somewhere toms sko norge in the three figures. That's enough to get you a beautiful bag that feels well-made and luxurious, but it's also reasonable enough that it might not blow your budget for something a little more fun to use in your off-hours. Below, check out ten bags in that range that we totally love. Celebs seem to be playing a game of cheap ray ban sunglasses musical chairs with designer brands this week. All of our top A-list handbag lovers have abruptly switched out their summer favorites for something new. Reese is carrying Chloe, Miranda is carrying Bulgari and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has made her very first appearance on our virtual pages. We haven't done a version of "Many Bags" for celeb children and pre-teens yet, but it could be forthcoming.